Our Story

Meet Adam & Jessie.

In the beginning

We met whilst working 60hr weeks in the catering industry, and forged a great working relationship & friendship, to boot! Fast forward 10 long years - we decided to join together once again and take Tincan Coffee Co. to the next level, with the aim to provide, not only specialist coffee to festival goers up & down the country, but a damn good coffee shop in our home city of Bristol.

Lost Soul

It all began with Claude. He was 52, dischevelled, and living in France. Having lived a hard life working as a delivery truck - he’d lost his way, and was ending his days living as a recluse in a farmer’s field.

We heard about Claude’s plight, and decided to pay him a visit. It was love at first sight, and we knew instantly that he was the one for us! We lovingly restored him back to his former glory and set him to work as our first Tincan Coffee Co. truck. 

Festival trucks

Together, we went from strength to strength & Claude was soon joined by Wilfred, Dennis, Woody, Napolean & Alfie truck. The crew became a familiar sight at festivals across the UK - raising people’s spirits, as well as the standard of festival coffee.

Our first shop

After 5 years on the move, the natural evolution was for us to find a permanent home, where it all began - Bristol. We now have a beautiful coffee shop, a great crew, & lovely loyal customers.

Styling it

We love our origins - so you’ll find design nods to our festival trucks throughout the shop - from headlamps & seats, to the actual trucks themselves! 

The Tincan crew

Since 2011, we have been continually growing as a business, but we’ve always stayed true to our values: to serve exceptional coffee & food, in a friendly, relaxed & stylish environment. We hope your Tincan experience is a memorable one, for all the right reasons, and that you’ll visit us again soon. 

Adam & Jessie x


Meet the vans

1963 Citroen HY Van

Originally a campervan from the French Pyrenees.
Old diesel whose top speed is 20mph. 
He's no getaway vehicle, but looks good trying.


1977 Peugeot J7 Pompiers Fire Truck

Originally from Aube, a small village in France.
He was used by the pompiers fire service, up until the day we bought him. 
Still surprisingly nippy, and never late to give you a caffeine fix, as we stick on the blues and twos.