Our Ethics

We do our bit for the environment. All our suppliers are local, seasonal and organic where possible, all of the milk is organic and all packaging and disposables are 100% compostable & recycled.


Our Eco-packaging is made by Vegware from low-carbon, renewable materials.  
They are 100% compostable, recycled, and made using bio plastic, which is made from plants not
chemicals meaning that we can keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

  •     We've saved 1.3 tonnes of Carbon
  •     We've saved 561kg of Virgin Materials
  •     We've saved 2.1 tonnes of Finite Resources

In total this is the equivalent of cancelling out the carbon from 17 flights from London to Edinburgh!
We operate a strict recycling system in stores and events which aims for 0% to landfill.

Our Coffee

The coffees that we buy at Tincan Coffee Co are bought either directly from farmers ourselves & by our artisan roaster, or through specialist importers that work closely with farms to develop economically & 
ethically sustainable farming practices.

In all cases, the prices we pay are at least 3 times the current market pricing for Fairtrade Certified
coffees, who’s members remain largely exposed to the volatility of the commodity market pricing
structure. Instead we agree our prices based on the quality in the cup and not on the market value
of commodity coffee.

By trading directly with producers, cutting out middle men and building long term personal relationships with producers, our supply chain continues to help many farmers improve, not only the quality of their crop, but also their income and livelihoods for their families and workers.

Our Milk

All our milk is organic and supplied to us by Bruton Dairy a few miles down the road.
With 95% of our drinks requiring milk, it is essential that we offer high quality milk while supporting
the British Dairy industry and safeguarding future British milk supplies.

We have built up a good relationship with our suppliers and are committed to maintaining that relationship, ensuring the price we pay is fair, sustainable and reviewed regularly.  We only use organic milk from local suppliers whilst at events also. Having a sustainable milk supply allows us utmost traceability in the milk we
supply to our stores and events

Our Food

All our cakes are made in house with ingredients sourced from trusted local suppliers, 
organic and seasonal produce whenever possible.  We only use suppliers that share our same
ethics on high animal welfare.

Our Equipment

All our equipment is of the highest standard, serviced and replaced regularly and go to sleep when
they’re not needed, which helps towards reducing our carbon emissions.

Download a pdf of our Ethics Policy here